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What you need to know before you choose your Sailing Holiday..
Be fully informed before you choose a Whitsunday boat tour.

1) How fast does the boat travel?
The Whitsundays Islands are spread out over a relatively large area - the faster you travel the more you'll see! All Islandive boats are fast boats which means you will see a lot more of the Whitsundays. Our Catamarans all have twin engines and most are turbo charged as well. Many of Whitsundays older vessels will only travel at half of the spend of islandive catamarans.

2) Where does the boat go and what will I see?
We guarantee a visit to Whitehaven Beach, unless inclement weather suggests otherwise. Your Skipper will be on a mission to show you the very best of the Whitsundays. Beautiful sites are availble to vessels with a good sea range. Butterfly Bay, Caves Coves, Mantaray Bay, Turtle Bay, Dugong Inlet, Mackeral Bay, Dolphin Point, Bali hai… many of our destinations conjure up visions of island splendour by their name alone – and you won’t be disappointed. The Whitsundays boast some of the worlds finest scenery and with more than 74 islands to explore, the array of anchorages is mind boggling.

3) Does the boat have permits to all must-see areas?
All our boats have a CAP permit license and permission to a visit spectacular Hill Inlet lookout. This is were all the picture postcard photographs are taken from. A fantastic view that should be a definate inclusion in your trip. Many of the high passenger capacity vessels are not permitted to use this site..

langford reefnara inletlookout whitehaven beach

4) I have heard a lot about crowded boats, is this a concern with Islandive?
If you are comparing different boat trips please compare boat size to passenger capacities. Usually if you are quoted a cheap Whitsunday Boat it will be on a older more crowded vessel. Islandive's vessels vary in passenger numbers, to suit different age groups. Our vessels range from small groups of 8 up to a maximum of 25 passengers on our large catamarans. Islandive is not a cheap company that crowds its boats to achieve higher returns. We believe passenger comfort comes first always and this ensures that we can keep customer service personalised and that there will always be more than enough space to put down your towel on deck to soak up some sun! Our new catamaran Wings 3 is 60ft with four crew and a maximum of 25 passengers, One of Copetitors with the same size boat runs 50 passengers....
ask lots of questions and dont be disappointed..

This is not an Islandive boat! Beware of overcrowding..
crowded catamaran whitsundays

7) Can I expect good food?
Our menus are freshly prepared on board and stand out from other backpacker boats' staple menu of noodles and rice... Prepare yourself for steak, fresh salads, morning and afternoon tea, desert etc...yum! Oh, and there's always plenty of it!

8) Is the dive gear kept on board?
Remember that rendezvous diving can never be guaranteed...Our vessels (except Whitsunday Blue) have all dive gear onboard, allowing up to 4 dives per customer on a regular trip and enabling certified divers to experience night dives if desired. You choose where and when you want to dive not the single choice offered by the rendevous market.

dive whitsundaysdive gear wings2turtle

9) How professional is the crew?
Some companies are trying to keep the costs down by employing unqualified and untrained staff. This purely at the expense of the customer who will miss out on local knowledge such as explanations about the area and the marine life. Islandive is dedicated to attracting and keeping long term staff and invests in ongoing staff training. Some of our crew have been with us since the start of our company in 2002! We are also very proud to be Advanced eco certified..
hostess wings3staffdive staff

10) Will I be safe?
Boating is heaps of fun, but there's also a serious side to it. All our crew have professional qualifications and have up-to-date first aid knowledge. They are all trained for marine emergencies, which means that you can relax and make the most of your trip knowing you're in good hands! Budget tours use a mix of volunteer staff and backpackers on holidays to staff the deck and galleys..

11) Is the boat a current WCBIA member?

Just from pictures on the internet or brochures it is often impossible to judge the level of quality of a boat, as pictures don't have to be up-to-date.
The Whitsunday Charter Boat Industry Association (WCBIA) is the only institution to monitor the quality and safety of vessels in our beautiful area and to provide unbiased recommendations regarding the standard of your chosen boat.
A bit of research prior to booking helps to avoid disappointment. Look out for a boat with "The Tick"!

eco certifiedeco certified island dive wcbia

12) What is the refund policy?
Here at Islandive we promise to keep everyone happy all the time - and you're welcome to quote us on that! Islandive is affiliated with most Queensland booking agents you can find a brochure at most hostels and large accommodation locations....OR, book online. Its simple and guarantees your holiday.

12a) Does the vessel supply wetsuits?
All Islandive vessels include warm neoprene wetsuits in the booking price, Many of or competitors will charge you another $20 for the use of their wetsuits. As well as several other addons, some companies even have the cheek to make their passengers buy Ice for the trip.

Please remember the Whitsundays are like most places in the World , were you get what you pay for.
If its sounds to cheap then something could easily be amiss...

Book Islandive with confidence and as directors we give you a money back guarantee that your holiday time with us is going to a trully awesome experience., and money well spent..

Islandive Owners Keith Roberts and Mike Keyte