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Jelly fish in the Whitsundays

Onboard every Islandive vessel are quality wetsuits for use against sunburn and the very unlikely event that you come into contact with any stinging jellyfish. Not seen very often but we do Know they exist.The box jellyfish is a potential hazard to swimmers along the Queensland coast. They have a box like shape. They are agile swimmers and can maintain a pace of three to four knots. The extended threads of the jellyfish are 0.2 millimeters long and long enough to penetrate the skin of a normal adult ( except on the palms of the hands and where the skin is thicker). The sting is extremely toxic that effects the skin, blood and heart muscle. Away's wear a stinger suit when Swimming in Stinger season in all waters of the great Barrier Reef

IrunkjandJi Jellyfish
Irukjandji are not considered deadly, however there have been known fatalities that have occurred as a result of being stung. In most cases the fatality was caused by a complication that came from a pre-existing condition such as high blood pressure. Little is known about the biology of any of the jellyfish that cause ‘irukandji syndrome’. Carukia barnesi is a small, transparent jellyfish which is about 25 mm across the body or ‘bell’ with a single tentacle from each corner of its box-shaped body.

Blue Bottles
Blue Bottles are jellyfish occasionally found washed up on Whitehaven beach, Not dangerous but they do have a nasty sting from the attached tentacles. If seen or you come into contact , immediately wash the area down with vinegar.

Not dangerous Jelly fish
box jellyfish
Box Jellyfish
box jelly
Box Jelly
blue bottle
Blue Bottle jelly fish