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RISING SEA LEVELS: While the sea levels have risen more than 390 feet since the last ice age, the oceans have been fairly constant for the past 6,000 years. Recently the world sea levels have begun rising again at a rate of 3 millimeters per year, which translates into 1 foot per 100 years. This change may be a sign of global warming.
This increase in water volume is mainly due to expansion caused by an increase in water temperature. Surprisingly, only about 15% of the volume increase is attributable to melting glaciers and ice flows. While the present-day melting of ancient glaciers and ice caps is a constant evening-news topic, it needs to be understood that if all of these ice formations melted overnight, the projected rise in sea level would be less than 2 feet. In addition, if all of the worlds ice bergs and ice shelfs -- which float on the surface of the sea -- were to melt, they would not raise sea level by any measurement since their floating mass is already factored into the observed sea levels. What is of more concern to most scientists is the raising of the temparture on the worlds seas, this can have a direct effect on coral.
Reef corals are very sensitive to sea temperatures outside their normal range - a temperature increase of only 1 deg C above the long term monthly summer average is enough to cause coral bleaching. Researchers are concerned that the effects of global warming on the reef will result in an increase in coral bleaching outbreaks. Here at Islandive we are concerned about the health and well being of our Great Barrier Reef. The main concern is whether the  small changes in sea temperature will cause wide scale coral bleaching. Keith Roberts from Islandive said "We've been lucky so far. We've had two major bleaching events over the last decade, however these events have left no real damage so far. However if global warming predictions are true, or even half true, coral bleaching will become much more prevalent and sustained."

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