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Blue Pearl Bay was originally called Blue Lagoon due to its exotic blue sea within this sheltered bay on Hayman Island. known to many as the "fish pond", schools of different fish will cheerfully join you as you discover the beautiful rock and coral formations in the divesite. Blue Pearl Bay is one of the best dive sites in the Whitsunday Islands with its excellent maze of swim throughs and caves.  The fish life in Blue Pearl Bay is abundant with 100's of different species including the very popular hump headed Maori Wrasse which is known to locals as Priscillla the wife of the late Elvis. This is a great location to experience your first ever scuba dive.   If diving and snorkeling is not your thing while visiting Blue Pearl Bay then why not relax on the beach.  But make sure you keep one eye open for the Proserpine Rock Wallaby which hides out in the bush, this wallaby is an endangered species and is protected by the Whitsunday Marine Park.     
Also on Hayman Island is the famous Hayman Island Resort which is popular to the rich and famous.This very exclusive 5 star resort boasts one of the largest swimming pools in the southern hemisphere (7 times the size of an Olympic swimming pool).
Luncheon Bay
located at the top end of hook island. when jumping in the beautiful water in lunchon bay, you will be awestruck by the pristine coral and superb marine life. Luncheon Bay, is home to some of the most spectacular coral gardens in the Whitsunday Islands, Luncheon Bay has some great swim through's for divers and the beautiful tunnel of love, which is an underwater little canyon. This bay is a great place to take your first scuba dive or just continue your passion for diving.  Luncheon bay has a wide variety of clown fish so if you would like to 'find Nemo' one of our qualified dive instructors will definitely help you in your hunt. also a very good place to spot rays digged in the sand, or turtles feeding on the reef.  Luncheon bay is a must and is a recommended dive site by all our dive instructors.

blue pearl bay
Blue Pearl bay
plate corals
Stunning Plate Luncheon Corals
mantaray bay
Manta ray Bay
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