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Whitsundays Night Diving

Islandive is one of the only dive companies that offer night dives to certified divers on overnight island trips.

For an additional $15 on top of the dive charge you can indulge in watching the oceans nightlife come to life. It is truly a magical place at night and extremely different to its daylight activities. While all the fish you have seen during the day hide in cracks in the coral, the reef comes alive with a whole different cast of characters at night including crabs, crayfish, lobsters, barracuda and many more.

You will also experience the coral blooming after dark, absorbing nutrients from the water around which looks truly beautiful. The final thing that must be experienced when night diving is the bioluminescence, place your hand across your night torch or holding it to your chest so you are truly in the dark and view the bioluminescence all around you (bioluminescence is organisms that glow in the dark), if it is really bright you might even be able to write a message to your buddy!

The colurs of the fish look trully awesome under the glow of your powerful torchlight. A photographers dream.

Getting ready for another nightdive
Lionfish at night
coral trout
magnificent Coral trout colours
Glowing cuttlefish