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the largest Ray in the Ocean and are commonly spotted around the Whitsundays.  They are absolutely magnificent to watch as they swim gracefully through the water.  They are extremely curious of scuba divers and will often swim around divers in many of the Whitsunday bays. They will also sometimes surface near boats when they are moored. Manta ray are the only species of ray without a stinging barb, they are totally harmless and feed on plankton (filter feeders) in the water.  They are usually black or brown on top and mostly white underneath; they can grow up to 7.6m across.  But usually around the Whitsundays will not reach more than 5m across.Mantarays are a not to be a forgtten experience for any scuba diver or snorkeller who is fortunate enough to see one while under water around the Whitsundays. 
technically flattened sharks that have taken to the bottom to feed on shellfish.  There teeth are also flattened to crush shellfish rather than cut them. Stingrays swim by the motion of ther large pectoral fins which are commonly mistaken for 'wings'.  Their stinger is a razor sharp barb which grows from the ray's whip-like tail and can grow as long as  37cm.  On the underside of the spine are two grooves containing venom.  Then the entire tail is covered with a think layer of skin.  Stingrays generally do not attack aggressiely or even actively defend themselves.  They will usually swim away.  They are extremely dosil creatures.  However when attacked by predators or stepped on the barbed stinger in there tail is whipped.  Depending on the size of the stingray, humans are usually stung in the foot region.  It is very unlikely to be stung by brushing against a stinger.   Being stung by a Stingray is not serious unless stung on the torso but would require medical attention.There are a few types common stingrays around the Whitsunday's and you will often see them while visiting the beautiful Whitehaven beach.

Mantaray up close
Whitsunday Mantaray Cruising
Blue Spot Stingray