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Powerplay Whitsundays
Summertime Whitsundays
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Whitsunday Blue
Whitsunday Blue
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Whitsunday Blue
Whitsunday Blue
Powerplay Whitsundays
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Islandives marina office can be seen by the roundabout at the entrance to the marina berths.
we are in the L shaped office at the front facing the marina and round-a-bout.
One of Our Catamarans Wings2 can be seen in our dock at the end of the marina ramp.
Double Click the maps to Zoom in or Out and hold the mouse button down to scroll around the Google Maps of the Whitsundays


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If you are in town before your tour and you have any questions you can park in the
round-a-bout for ten minutes and drop in to the office for any questions you may have.
Look for the big Islandive signs, you can't miss us..

Use this map to zoom in to the white patch on the eastern side of Whitsunday Island.
This is the very famous Whitehaven beach and the stunning Hill Inlet white sands.
just double click your mouse to Zoom in..

Use this map to zoom in on your selected accomodation and have a look at Airlie beach
You can hold your left mouse button down to drag the map around. how cools that ?

Use this map to zoom out and have a look at how you will get to the Whitsunday Islands


For how to get to the Whitsundays follow this link to our location page
How to get to the Whitsundays