The Living Book

This book is has been written and collated
by the Staff of Islandive
Included are interesting facts and knowledge about the Whitsunday Islands
We have tried to cover the animals and marine life that you may encounter on your voyage with us,
The majority of photos included have been taken by our staff during actual trips. We call it a living book as the database as the entire book is updated for the vessels by the staff and passengers available as a interactive format from the website.
Please enjoy the book and if you have any changes you would like to suggest then pencil some notes on the feedback sheet you are given at the end of the trip.
Special thanks for research material to Wikipedia, Queensland Government website E.p.a and the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority

Authors and contributors to this book

Keith Roberts, Evya Gilo, Caroline Allen, Karla Parr, Paula Jahnke, Pete Rogers,
David Flemming, Annika Fredrikson, Amber Burnett, Angie Allan, Mike Keyte,
Errol Noyan, Dave McKosker, Kerrie Groche, Brad Schulz, Cassie Roberts,
Amy Keyte, , Kassie McCord, David Evans, , Harry Peke, Trisha Finucane,
Stuart Allwright, Steve Redding,