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30 Jan 2010 - Save our turtles
SOS Ocean Racing is setting out to make people aware that plastic bags are killing our Marine creatures and are an environmental hazard. - Read More

26 Dec 2009 - New blue lights
Recently introduced to the market this energy efficient lighting of the millennium is in operation on Wings 2 and 3. Due to the success on our Wings boats, Powerplay has now joined her sister boats and had them installed. - Read More

25 Nov 2009 - Queensland Best Tour Awards 2009
Islandive.com are proud winners of the Golden Backpack Awards most outstanding tour activity in Queensland! First time in the history of the awards has this been achieved by a Whitsunday company. - Read More

24 Nov 2009 - Ben Southall 2nd trip
Ben Southall returns with girl friend Breanna Watkins to do a second trip with islandive, find out why? - Read More

03 Nov 2009 - Islandive Wins Adventure Tourism Award
Islandive Wins the prestigious best "Adventure" Whitsunday Tourism award. The directors Keith and Mike are hugely proud of all the team at islandive and offer a huge thankyou to everyone that helped us win this award. - Read More

21 Oct 2009 - Golden BAckpack Awards
Islandive are announced as finalists in the Australian Golden backpack awards. The winners are drawn in Sydney November 5th - Read More

29 Sep 2009 - Adam and Hamish
The Vantastic Nomad boys Adam and Hamish join a powerplay cruise and Islandive party. - Read More

31 Oct 2009 - Ben Southall
Greatest job in the world winner. Ben Southall chooses Emporer Wings from Islandives fleet to do his advanced dive course. Visit islandreefjob.com - Read More

29 Sep 2009 - Around Australia Race
Around Australia ocean race announced - Circumnavigate Australia by sail 160 entrants already, including Australia's best. - Read More

27 Sep 2009 - New Island Golf Club
Hamilton island Golf Course now open.The only championship island golf course in Australia. - Read More

27 Sep 2009 - Sails Talk
All Whitsunday boat trips are not the same. Be fully informed before you book your great adventure in the Whitsundays islands. - Read More

27 Sep 2009 - Worlds best beach
Whitehaven beach has been voted in the Worlds top ten beaches. - Read More

27 Sep 2009 - Tourism Queensland story
Impressive story about Islandive being at the cutting edge of new tourism products - Read More