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Sail training

Islandive encourages responsible dive practices

1. Coral tissue is easily damaged, so don't touch any coral. Resist the temptation to touch other creatures. Some divers choose not to wear gloves, so they won't be tempted to grab the reef.

2. Passively observe organisms by floating in one spot Allow fish to swim past you.

3. Practice buoyancy skills in a pool or sandy area before diving near a coral reef.

4. Secure your gauges and equipment well to avoid accidental contact with the reef

5. Avoid swimming over the top of reef areas and try to remain in the sand channels between corals heads, which makes the contact with the reef much less likely.

6. Remain at least arms length from the reef unless your looking at something very carefully.

7. Avoid kicking up sand because this smothers corals when it settles and is stressful to other reef animals.

8. Always be aware of your body position in relation to the reef, especially your fins, and never stand on coral.

9. Avoid feeding reef fish. This may introduce unhealthy food items and disrupt their natural behaviour.

10. Don't collect souvenirs, including dead shells and coral rock because everything on the reef has a function and anything removed affects the reef ecosystem.

11. Use a camera to bring back memories to share, but keep a safe distance from the reef while taking pictures.

12. Encourage others to be aware of coral reef conservation and pass on your knowledge.



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