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Backpacking Queensland

When Is a good time to backpack Queensland
Anytime is a good time, Queensland does have Australia's best climate. Being such a big state, you can head further north if want warmer weather or head further South if the heat of the Far North is not to your likely. Fortunately for the Whitsunday's, we are in the middle at 20degrees lattitude, just the Same as Tahiti and Hawaii

How long will I need to Backpack Queensland
You will need to know this so you can decide on how much money you will need for the duration of your trip. A good daily average to consider for food and lodging is about $80-120 Australian Dollars per day. The Backpacker Establishments will cost around 25$ per day. You can keep eating expenses down by buying food at a supermarket and lodging expenses down by taking buses and sharing camper vans with other travelers.

Backpacking queensland and where do we stay
The best and least expensive places to stay in Queensland are backpacker hostels. These hostels offer a variety of accommodations. Some have single, double and quadruple rooms, while other have huge dorm type accommodation. They range from quite nice, to "it will do for one night only". Most people in hostels are backpacking Australia too. You will meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world. Have a look at hostelworld.com for some great backpacker secrets.

Is it Safe to Hitchhike around queensland
Traditionally young travelers students that backpacked around the world did it by hitchhiking. This style of travel began in the 60s. Over the years incidents around the world have made hitchhiking dangerous and not a great plan even in a relatively safe country like Australia.

Tips for Backpacking around Australia:
Take some cash with you but your best bet is to have an ATM or credit card while backpacking Australia. Banks and credit card companies get a better exchange rate. And if you loose all your cash it is gone, if you lose an ATM or credit card it is easily replaceable.

Islandive BQ Tip - Pre purchase travel insurance before you leave home, this will give you peace of mind and also cover the high health costs if you unfortunately need a trip to the Hospital

Islandive BQ Tip - Do not be conned into buying a cheap budget Whitsunday Sailing trip from a dodgy operator, all Whitsunday boats trips are not of the same standard. See our section on facts you must know before you pick a Whitsunday boat trip. Must know facts

Islandive BQ Tip - Do not arrive in Airlie Beach un-announced and expect to get on a good boat trip. The great Companies just like good restaurants will be booked out many weeks in advance. If bookings are made direct with Islandive then the company will be more flexible if you need to alter your dates.

Islandive BQ Tip - Be comfortable with your traveling partner, be prepared to travel alone if necessary. Australian hostels are a great place to make new friends.

Islandive BQ Tip - There is so much to see and do while you Backpack Queensland it is helpful to make some plans. You should always be flexible because while backpacking You will meet people you would like to spend more time with.