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backpacker secrets

backpacker secrets


Backpacker Secrets

Islandive Tip - When staying at youth hostels, their notice boards are a wealth of information for getting local advice, job offers, free road travel and a miriad of other tips. The hostel tour desks are also a great place for honest tour advice. The only sell quality tours as you will be the one coming back to their hostel to report after each trip.

Islandive Tip - To assist you in finding work along the way, make sure you have a great resume all ready to go. Be flexible tell your prospective employer what they want to here. Presentation is everything , personal grooming even the right selection of shoes can make the difference to a fussy employer. Research the company before you go for your interview.

Islandive Tip - Do not be conned into buying a cheap budget Whitsunday Sailing trip from a dodgy operator, all Whitsunday boats trips are not of the same standard. See our section on facts you must know before you pick a Whitsunday boat trip. Must know facts

Islandive Tip - Be comfortable with your traveling partner, be prepared to travel alone if necessary. Australian hostels are a great place to make new friends.There is so much to see and do while you Backpack Queensland it is helpful to make some plans. You should always be flexible because while backpacking You will meet people you would like to spend more time with.

Islandive Tip - Do not arrive in Airlie Beach un-announced and expect to get on a good boat trip. The great Companies just like good restaurants will be booked out many weeks in advance. If bookings are made direct with Islandive then the company will be more flexible if you need to alter your dates.

Islandive Tip - If travelling for an extended period, then why not buy and older car, Station wagons you can sleep in, or an old travelling camper are very affordable and can be resold usually at the right price. Much cheaper thansome of the alternatives.


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